Join Us in Our Worship


Welcome, as you join in worship at our unique

 ”Kirk in the Birch Woods” Presbyterian Church!

We invite you to join us for worship and fellowship

in our beautiful community of faith.

We are ready to extend the hand of Christian love through our

excellent worship, creative children’s programs, quality music,

personal loving pastoral care and sweet Christian fellowship to all

who enter our doors.

We take seriously  the modeling of Jesus Christ as our guide in exemplifying this love.  It is simple:


We are a relatively young, vibrant growing church that is only a quarter of a century old.  We have our roots founded in the ‘Michawye Mission’ and this beginning shapes our future.  We have a particular blended style of worshiping God and a particular way we do outreach to the local Gaylord community.  We are a dedicated gathering of men, women and children who seek a way to make manifest the blessings that God has given each of us to pass on to others.


One way how we are unique in our worship is in our particular style,  a style seen through our simple, yet stunning sanctuary that reflects the surrounding nature, peaceful grounds, and a creative style of music and Christian worship.  Unique in that we offer a sanctuary of ‘spiritual respite’ for all who who reside, travel, vacation or visit the beautiful Gaylord area during the year’s seasons.

We extend a warm welcome to all who seek to know more of a deeper spiritual life.  Whoever you are and wherever you are on your life’s spiritual journey, you are welcome here.

Enter into worship and find a spiritual sanctuary in our beautiful

“Kirk in the Birch Woods” First  Presbyterian Church.

~   Reverend Kate Huddelson

“God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every good work.” —2 Corinthians 9:8




Susan Bufe, Pianist/Organist

Susan has been with our FPC Gaylord congregation since 1996.  She holds a Music Literature degree from Michigan State University and is an active piano and music instructor for children in the Gaylord community. She has taught  music since she was sixteen, served as a Secretary for the National Guild of Piano Teachers in the Northern Region, and accompanied other choirs- including Northwestern Michigan College and Franklin High School in Livonia. Sailing, golf, camping and traveling have been enjoyed family activities, plus she recently became interested in Nascar and loves it! She has one daughter, Lauren, who is 25 who graduated from MSU as well, with a degree in Interior Design.

~  Our Music Year  ~

Our music season runs in two parts throughout the liturgical year:

  • Winter Special Music  ~  [January - March]  

Various talented members provide special music through instrument and vocal solos, assist in presenting holiday liturgy and drama in worship as well as offering accompianient for weddings and funerals;

  • Seasonal Choir  ~  [April - December]

Meets weekly on Wednesday evenings & Sunday mornings  for practice and musically participate in our regular Lord’s Day worship.   The Choir presents beautiful anthems & solos during special holiday, community events, weddings and funerals;

Because of our vacation-land atmosphere, we offer numerous opportunities for our visitors, friends and members to be a part of our growing congregation in the following ways:

  • Special Music

If you are blessed with any musical or drama talent, we welcome your participation in our worship. If you are visiting family in Gaylord  and want to share your musical talents, we invite you to join us at any time. We offer a variety of  different ways in which to you can demonstrate your gratitude for what God has done by giving your time and talent to our vibrant community of faith;

  • Children’s & Older Youth Drama

As part of our commitment to educating all our youth in their Christian heritage our children and older youth are offered the opportunity to participate in worship throughout the liturgical year. We believe that healthy children not only need physical and educational “exercise” but spriitual exercise as well.  Participating in worship allows our children to grow in their understanding of the importance of corporate worship, and to grow deeper in their personal faith as part of a growing Christian community.  We offer fun Christmas and Easter “skits” and drama presentations each year, directed by outstanding local school musical teachers. All local youth from the Gaylord area as well as our beloved visiting grandchildren are welcome to participate at anytime

throughout the year. Come be a part of something unique and special that our congregation offers!

 Join us at any time throughout the year.


We welcome you to share your God-given gifts and talents!