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Endowment Presentation 2012

Endowment   Fund -

A Vision for our Future

A  Message from the Pastor

“Others have labored and you have entered into their labor.” These words of Jesus were true for his first disciples and are even truer for us today. In addition to the heritage of the Christian faith, here at the FPC Gaylord we are particularly blessed by what others have done that we enter into. I’m thinking of our buildings and grounds, set in their natural beauty, the financial resources to help us in our ministry and expanding opportunities to express our faith in outreach and service.

We want to build on that heritage and pass it on even bigger and better to those who will follow us. This section of the website will introduce you to a number of different ways in which all of us can build up support to help expand the First Presbyterian Church’s ministry in breadth and in depth for the years ahead.

Rev. Karen Huddelson


In a church environment, the term “stewardship” is often considered the annual fundraising campaign to support the church’s operating budget.    Our intent is to move beyond that standard misconception, to look at stewardship as a year-round way of life.

The apostle Paul provides an excellent model for Christian stewardship in his first letter to the Corinthians (1 Corinthians 16:1-4). In these writings, Paul encouraged the church at Corinth to turn its attention outward, lifting up the needs of others above their own. This powerful model for stewardship conveys that:

• Giving is an act of worship.
• Giving should be consistent.
• Giving should be proportional to what we receive.
• Giving should be planned.

Stewardship can be expressed in gifts of time, talent and money. Christians are encouraged to expand the ministry of the church through all three in order to accomplish the mission to which we are called:

• Deepening Faith
• Serving Others
• Fostering Fellowship

Ultimately, stewardship is a natural response to saying, “I believe…”

To submit your 2013 giving intentions see the  mailed Stewardship brochure and forms  or request a form  from the office.  See Frank Smith or Rev. Huddelson for additional information.    

Blessings be unto you as you discern your level of partnering with our growth and vision for our future.  Thank you.  

Committee Members:

Martin Ekonen, Member-at-Large

Reverend Karen Huddelson

Huntley Robinson, Member-at-Large

Robert Hutton,  Church Treasurer

For any inquries on participating in securing our future through FPCG ‘s Endowment  Fund – please contact any member of the Committee or Session.

Thank You!